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The Process

Our team analyzes the information as well as insurance data and determines the best and most affordable course of care.
Client is given a personal portal to design a schedule of therapy that fits their lifestyle needs.

Our Philosophy

Healing is a journey, and one that you don’t have to do alone, which is why we believe in an integrated team approach to treatment. For this reason, our team ensures that our clients get the support and attention they need with a comprehensive, flexible, and individualized treatment plan to guide them to a place of Elemental® Satisfaction without interrupting their daily life and routine.
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Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

Elemental Treatment® is a clinically effective recovery program provided on a secure, HIPAA Compliant digital platform via live therapeutic videoconferencing by an array of experienced licensed therapists, Psychiatrists, Counselors, and Life Coaches.
As an Elemental® client, you can engage in Treatment where you are: dorm, school, or apt., on your phone, computer, or tablet. This guarantees you privacy, flexibility, and convenience.
Video Conferencing for therapy has been proven to be as or more effective than in-person therapy.
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Therapy where you are

The LMNTL platform provides treatment directly to you through your computer, tablet, or mobile devices.
The LMNTL therapeutic program provides a comprehensive array of services to meet the individual, including:
  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Psychiatry
  • Addiction counseling
  • Life Coaching
  • Testing
  • Supportive services and more
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Guidance at your fingertips

Message your Elemental® guide anytime, anywhere for daily advice, support, and coaching for $30/week.

Guidance and Therapy

Check in daily with your Elemental Therapist via text message + 1 Live Video Session/mo with a Therapist (30min each)* for $40/week
*each additional video session is $50
  • I can't cope with stress anymore.Me
  • I'm looking how to know myself better.Anonymous
  • I'm either feeling very good or completely down.Me
  • I'm want to understand why I behave like this.Anonymous



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