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3 Reasons Teens Should Journal

It isn’t unusual for teens to journal, keep a diary, or write about their feelings. It’s a form of expression that goes back years. But journaling has benefits that you may not have realized before.


Sometimes it’s hard for teenagers to express how they feel to parents, friends, classmates, etc. Some teenagers find it easier to confide with pen and paper, in a diary or journal, or on a tablet or laptop. Parents may never see the contents of a diary or journal and shouldn’t without their teen’s permission but that doesn’t matter. The important thing is that a teen has an outlet for emotions that

may otherwise be trapped and begin to fester like a wound. The good thing about written expression is that it can actually lead a teen to say what they think and feel out loud. Sometimes teens don’t know what they think or feel until they sort it out by writing it out. Parents should encourage or suggest journaling by giving them the tool that is right for them. Is it a diary with a lock and key? Is it a tablet that can be password-protected? Is it a spiral notebook or even a sketchbook? Consider giving one as a gift, or help your teen shop for one online.


If your teen is going through a difficult time or is in counseling for a mental health issue, journaling can be an excellent way for him or her to stay in touch with feelings and write about what they’re going through. Journaling can be used as a tool to help them through to the other side. Of course that’s what counseling and support systems are for. But most teens crave privacy and independence. And journaling can be a safe, effective form of release for them just like art therapy, music therapy, or any other form of established therapy.


Of course teens don’t have to be in therapy to benefit from or enjoy journaling. They can use it the way some people use photo albums, family trees, or baby milestone books. Writing down daily activities, thoughts, memories, and emotions can be a good way for teens to look back at the past to see where they’ve been, how far they’ve come, and what they want for the future. Some of the most successful people in the world write down their goals and the steps they need to take to achieve them.

Journaling is a good way for teens to get a handle on what they want out of life personally, vocationally, spiritually, etc.

If your teen is stuck for what or how to write about his feelings, some journaling prompts can be found at

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