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The late Carrie Fisher was not the only one in her famous family who suffered from addiction. Her father, the late Eddie Fisher, was addicted to speed and other substances, and Carrie’s sister Joely Fisher has come out with a new book about her famously dysfunctional family, Growing Up Fisher, Musings, Memories, and Misadventures.

Eddie Fisher suffered from addiction for nearly four decades before finally getting help. Joely’s mother took her out of the family when she was young, and she didn’t know her father until she was a teenager. She unfortunately also followed similar family patterns. Although her sister Carrie would ultimately lose her battle with addiction last year when she passed away at the age of sixty, she was often Joely’s support when she needed help.

Joely told Fox News, “In 2004, I went on a two-night bender. I called Carrie from New York at three, four in the morning, because I knew I could. “Carrie…I think I’m in trouble.’ She was the only one I could talk to who wouldn’t judge me, who knew the experience. One junkie to another.”

Joely added, “I did have a false bravado with drugs, and I found my adult female body and person didn’t need that.” Having a family also helped her maintain her sobriety. “ [Once I was] a mother I was like, ‘I certainly don’t want to be not present for them.’ I feel like I’m alive, in part, because I’ve looked at what it has done to the rest of my family.”

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