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A lot of times in life you can do things that make you very stressed out without even realizing it. Bustle just published a checklist of things we all do that make us stressed out, and how we can eliminate them from our lives.

*A big one that’s hard for a lot of people to let go of? “Scrolling through your phone all day.” That’s definitely gonna be a hard one for a lot of people to ditch, but as many reports have recently confirmed, social media can cause a lot of anxiety and depression. So it’s recommended stay away from your phone and reading news on the net before you go to bed.

*A very obvious one is limit your time around stressful people. If you have what’s known as “toxic” friends, co-workers and/or family, it’s recommended you cut down your time with them.

*Here’s another big one that’s going to be tough for a lot of people to give up: Drinking a lot of coffee. The reasons are obvious. Too much coffee leads to too much anxiety, so it’s a good idea to cut back as much as you can.

*Other steps link together like stop over-scheduling yourself and saying yes to everything. Cramming too much into your schedule can feel especially stifling, and as one doctor tells Bustle, “When you’re left feeling as if time controls you rather than you having control of your time, your anxiety levels can definitely increase.”

*And as far as saying yes to everything, “one way to keep your schedule from becoming jam-packed is to tell yourself that it’s OK to say not o people to things that aren’t a top priority. This can be tricky, but can be achieved by learning how to be more assertive, and recognizing that it’s OK to cut yourself a break, and turn people down.” As a source adds, “Learning to say no can be a powerful tool when managing anxiety. Practice flexing your ‘no’ muscle with friends, family, your boss, or coworkers when you are anxious or overwhelmed.”

*Other tips that will take a lot of work for a lot of us to incorporate includes don’t stay up “super late,” don’t stress over every little detail of your life, and stop “weighing yourself down with decisions.” As Bustle explains, “Did you know the fewer decisions you face each day, the less anxious you’ll feel. Try to set your life up to be as streamlined as possible.” This also relates back to the previous step of not stressing over little details. As one source tells Bustle, “Every decision you make requires mental energy, and by eliminating choices, you reduce this stress. Most decisions we make during the day are small inconsequential decisions that can be streamlined.”

*Again, we do a lot of these things without realizing it, so once you become aware of how much you’re adding to your stress pile, you can take steps to make it much smaller.

Article by Sonia

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