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Dan Harmon is the creator of such TV shows as Community, and the cartoon Rick and Morty. When a fan asked for advice on depression, Harmon was certainly expansive.

As the Huffington Post reports, Harmon responded about depression in a series of tweets. “For One: Admit and accept that it’s happening. Awareness is everything. We put ourselves under so much pressure to feel good. It’s okay to feel bad…Communicate it. DO NOT KEEP IT SECRET. Own it. Your feelings are real.”

And the tweets continued: “Try to remind yourself, over and over, that feelings are real but they aren’t reality. Example: you can feel like life means nothing. True feeling. Important feeling. TRUE that you feel it, BUT…whether life has meaning? Not up to us. Facts and feelings: equal but different.”

Harmon added, “The most important thing I can say to you is please don’t deal with it alone. There is an incredible, miraculous magic to pushing your feelings out. Even writing ‘I want to die’ on a piece of paper and burning it will feel better than thinking about it alone. Output is magical.”

Harmon’s advice was apparently very helpful to the fan who wrote to him, “probably better than my therapist could’ve said it.” Another fan tweeted, “Thank you for this. You did more for anxiety/depression sufferers than any pill or therapist.”

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