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Hitting the gym is crucial for good mental health, and many people can’t get enough of the gym. So how much exercise can it take to make you happier in life? 


A report in Newsweek tells us that even “as little as 10 minutes of physical activity per week” made a “significant difference” in your mood. Of course, more time exercising and staying active is recommended, with this report continuing, “Those who engaged in between 150 to 300 minutes of exercise a week, boosted their happiness as much as those who were even more active.”  


As to what kind of exercise is most effective, there’s no one answer over another, but Newsweek reports that “a wide range” of activities are good, like aerobics, stretching and balancing exercises, classes that have a wide variety of mixed activities and more. 


As one source puts it, “Different forms of exercise also have different effects. Yoga could help for relaxation. Running could release aggression.” Other studies have shown that an hour of exercise a week can fight depression, and that “participants who didn’t exercise were 44 percent more likely to be affected by the condition compared to those who did. Regular exercise could have prevented 12 percent of depression cases, the research published in the American Journal of Psychiatry revealed.”  


For those who are very active, you have higher odds of being happy, 52 percent, than people who are “sufficiently active,” 30 percent, and certainly, you have a higher chance than those who are “insufficiently active,” 20 percent.  


Article by Sonia

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