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It used to be that when celebrities suffered from addiction it would be hidden from the world, but nowadays a lot of high-profile people are coming forward and making their recovery known to the world. As the site, The Outline feels, “Pop culture glorifies partying, but a wave of sober stars is pushing back on the status quo.”

This article feels that “drinking and drug-taking have long been glorified in American pop culture but the tradition has come to an explosive head over the past two decades with the rise of reality TV.” And indeed, there have been many shows like Jersey Shore where people have made drunken fools of themselves.

But as writer Ann-Derrick Gaillot continues, “Shows depicting the reality of the negative consequences of risky drinking and drug use provide their own kinds of icons.” Like the show Shameless, where one character on the show starts attending AA. And a recent episode of the cartoon show BoJack Horseman was critically acclaimed in dealing with alcoholism and depression. 

Gaillot feels this could have a positive overall impact. Sober icons show that you can lead a good life without chemicals, “and their visibility offers hope along with other widely reported promising statistics: Nationwide neighborhood bars are closing, beer sales are down; marijuana use and binge drinking among teens is declining, and there are more and more recovery programs on college campuses.”

This could actually be launching sobriety as a trend, and “the increasing visibility of sober public figures can be read as a reaction to the kind of glorified excess celebrated in years past as well as the tragic losses of beloved celebrities like Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and so many others. It also signals a changing attitude towards sobriety at large, one that focuses on the triumph of recovery rather than the assumed past moral failings of the person in question.”

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