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Addiction runs in all areas of the entertainment business, and professional wrestling has also had its share of troubles and tragedies. Kaitlyn, a superstar wrestler for the WWE, just marked her one year anniversary of sobriety on Instagram.

As Bleacher Report tells us, Kaitlyn became a star when she signed up with WWE in 2010, and she eventually left the wrestling biz to start her own clothing line, Celestial Bodiez. Yet despite her success, before checking into rehab she confessed to Bleacher Report, “I remember wanting to die.”

“It’s been one year since I checked myself into the hospital for a medical drug detox,” Kaitlyn’s Instagram post revealed. She also posted a picture she took of herself before she checked in, which she posted with an ironic caption about being happy. In reality, “I felt so awful and disgusted with myself.”*In addition to suffering from addiction, Kaitlyn was in a bad marriage was was not being “true to myself. I took me so long to admit I had a problem, and then to admit how serious the problem was.”

Kaitlyn has used social media to come forward and tell the truth instead of showing people only when things are going well. “I used to pretend to be and to live a certain way for social media. It’s everyone’s hi-light reel.”

Now that she’s one year sober, Kaitlyn concludes, “You can have the world at your fingertips but end up destroying yourself if you’re not careful. I’m fortunate enough to have pulled myself out of it all and was able to rebuild my life…but I can seriously empathize with anyone who is, has been, or has a tendency to be an addict…It’s about self-awareness and humility. Never be too proud to ask for help.

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