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One of the hardest problems with depression is many people have a hard time expressing how they feel when they’re in the thick of it. Now there’s a new campaign that hopes to break this down called Seize the Awkward, which will hopefully help break down the awkward barriers people feel when they’re suffering from depression. 

As Mashable reports, Seize the Awkward has launched with a PSA where Broadway actor Gideon Glick is in several very awkward scenarios, including laying in bed between two naked lovers, and he says, “An awkward silence can actually be a perfect moment to reach out to a friend and ask if they’re OK if they seem down. Starting the conversation now could stop something much worse from happening later on.”

There will also be other PSAs with YouTube stars Hannah Hart, Liza Koshy, and Remi Cruz who are being open about the difficulties they’ve had with their own mental health. And one of the best key pieces of advice, which teaches people how to be supportive is, “No need to be an expert. Just be a friend.”

This campaign could especially be a boon for at-risk teens, troubled youth, and millennials who are struggling with their mental health. As Heidi Arthur of the Ad Council says, “It’s really acknowledging there’s a larger conversation about mental health and wellness, and making people feel comfortable doing it. It doesn’t have to be heavy-hitting and sad and maudlin.”

And Christine Moutier of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention says, “The beauty of Seizing the Awkward is it can [be useful for] any level of mental health change, or just a person who’s having a bad day and help caring, supportive, deeper relationships to develop.”

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