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When seeking help for depression, getting the wrong advice can be very harmful. There have also been myths about depression that have kept people from getting help until they realize what they were told was wrong. Bustle just listed several “old wives tales” about depression that should definitely be debunked as soon as possible, and the first on the list is you can talk yourself out of depression.

*Bustle cited a quote in Psych Central that summed it up: “I read of a study in which 75 percent of adults said that someone with depression could get better just by being more positive. Can you imagine the same 75 percent saying that someone who is paralyzed just needs to work out more.” Another good point: “One can’t talk themselves out of depression any better than they can talk themselves out of a broken bone.”

*Another misconception is that depression and grief are the same. “One of the main misconceptions about depression is that its situation versus biological,” Bustle writes. While people already predisposed to depression can be triggered by traumatic events, suffering from depression is different than feeling sad.”

*And one of the most important old wives’ tales that need to be debunked is that depression can be cured with weird treatments. “In the beginning of the 19th-century doctors began to develop new ‘treatments’ for depression that included barbaric things like holding a person underwater just short of drowning them and spinning them around on a stool to induce dizziness, which was thought to rearrange the brain…”

Article by Sonia

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