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For a long time, baseball legend Darryl Strawberry was suffering from addiction, and it destroyed his career. Strawberry is now an ordained minister and says he’s 14 years sober.

Strawberry told he suffered from addiction, went to five rehab centers, and also fought with depression. He urged a speaking audience to get into recovery so they could have a comeback story like his.

Strawberry said, “When you allow yourself to be treated, you allow yourself to get better.” He also urged an audience at a speaking engagement, “I want you to think about rewriting your story. No matter what’s happened, there’s a miracle inside of you…waiting to come out with the help of others.”

In a speaking engagement, Strawberry said, “You are not a mistake no matter what.”Strawberry is also the author of a new book, Don’t Give Up On Me, and credits his faith in God for getting me through some very dark tunnels. He told that after an 18-month jail sentence he’s reportedly been clean since. “I used drugs and alcohol for a long time and it started when I was 21 years old…I realized that I could reach for something greater than myself and got well.”


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