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Whether you have a regular forty-hour a week gig or are freelancing, work stress can be especially hard to deal with. As Forbes explains, “work pressure is one of the leading causes of stress,” and in the United States, 77% of people working have stated they have physical problems from stress. This can end up costing businesses $300 billion a year from employees calling out sick and healthcare costs. 


So if you’re getting too stressed out from your job and need to relieve the pressure, and freelancing, which is susceptive to fluctuations in the market and can be a real rollercoaster ride, Forbes offers some very helpful advice on how to get a grip… 


Exercise is always a good way to reduce stress, but if you’re pinched on time, take little breaks of physical activity. Even a ten-minute walk can work wonders. Forbes cited a study from Princeton that explains that even ten minutes dedicated to a physical activity can help you “reorganize the brain.”  


A lot of studies on stress also point out the importance of getting in touch with nature. Forbes recommends getting some fish, because watching fish can be very relaxing, and studies have shown that people watching fish had lower heart rates and reduced blood pressure from doing so.  


And as hard as it can be to do, you should try to “unplug” as much as you can. The author of this story, Abdullahi Muhammed, says, “To strike a balance, I turn off those notification pings and set a time every couple of hours to check messages and emails. Other times, I check them at natural breakpoints in the tasks I’m addressing. You could take this a step further by informing people that between certain hours, you will not be available by phone or e-mail, and just shutting the devices down during those times,” which can create a nice technology “detox.” 



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