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Grammy-winning guitarist/singer is excited to hit his one-year milestone being sober, and like many celebrities in recovery, he’s made the announcement via social media.

Eonline reports that Mayer, who has 1.2 million followers on Twitter, announced his milestone October 24, and he wrote, “One year ago today, I decided to give drinking a break. A very personal thing for everyone. For me, a constant return on investment.”

Mayer also added, “I post this because I want people to know that ‘that’s enough for now’ is on the menu, so to speak.”

Mayer just turned forty, and as he’s told GQ, he’s happier than ever now that he’s left drinking behind. “The reason I’m so happy now is because a lot of expectation that I had for myself was probably a little bit unnecessary. I have a perfect image of ambition and reward for my life right now. I know what to expect, I know how much I should be asking for when I knock on the door, and I get it.”

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