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  • HOW ADOLESCENTS CAN HELP EACH OTHER THROUGH TEEN DEPRESSION HOW ADOLESCENTS CAN HELP EACH OTHER THROUGH TEEN DEPRESSION There’s an old saying that it takes one to know one, and many times teens can be more perceptive about what their peers are going through than others. Now according to a new study, kids in high school can “improve their peers’ understanding of depression and their attitudes about seeking help for themselves and others,” as a report in Futurity tells us. Ten high schools were polled for this study, where... Read Article
  • MARVEL STAR CLARK GREGG ON DEALING WITH ANXIETY  It’s encouraging to see many in the Marvel universe speaking out about their problems with anxiety, which shows the world that even superheroes can be vulnerable. Now Clark Gregg, aka Agent Phil Coulson, is the latest actor in the world of Marvel to speak out about maintaining healthy mental health.  As Gregg told Men’s Health, he started having “these strange episodes” when he was on vacation. One time he was in Provence, “sitting there in this incredibly beautiful place after working... Read Article
  • ANOTHER TRAGIC LOSS WITH ANTHONY BOURDAIN  The same week that Kate Spade took her life, Anthony Bourdain also died of suicide. Like Spade’s passing, Bourdain’s death brought out a great deal of sympathy from the world who have loved his show and were in shock that he took his life.    With two high profile suicides in a week, many of the reports on Bourdain’s death have included information where people can get help if they feel at risk. Many are confused and bewildered by Bourdain’s death, and... Read Article
  • BIPOLAR ROCK AND ROLLER SHOWS MAURO RANALLO MAKING HIS WAY THROUGH MANIC DEPRESSION  Maura Ranallo is not just known as the sports announcer for Showtime Boxing, MMA and WWE, but he’s also now a very public face for manic depression with the new documentary Bipolar Rock N Roller.    The Showtime documentary came out just in time for Mental Health Awareness Month, and Ranallo candidly opened up his life, warts and all. “I wanted it to be biopolar,” he told Sporting News. “I wanted it to feature the roller coaster ride that is my... Read Article
  • DJ MANIC FOCUS TALKS MANIC DEPRESSION  A number of musicians have been coming forward about their struggles with mental illness and how the music industry can do more to help, and it’s not just in the worlds of rock n roll or heavy metal that mental disorders tend to flourish. In fact, mental problems and addiction have haunted the DJ world as well, and now DJ Manic Focus has just spoken to Forbes about his struggle with bipolar disorder.    Manic Focus, aka John McCarten, learned his was bipolar... Read Article
  • A LOOK AT THE BEST MOVIES ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH  There is a lot of focus these days on the importance of good mental health, and it’s long overdue. As evidenced in movies like Ordinary People, when people had mental problems or suffered in a dysfunctional family, it was a deep shame that many would hide. Thankfully times are changing, the stigma is hopefully disappearing, and now Parade takes a look at some of the best films that dealt with mental illness, depression, and the importance of good mental health head-on.    The... Read Article
  • HOW SUPERHEROES ARE HELPING PEOPLE DEAL WITH MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES  Many times when kids are growing up they look up to superheroes for comfort. It’s wonderful to think you could have a super power and be strong against so many things in life, and it’s a wonderful idea that can help kids, as well as adults, through their lives. And for one writer and lover of superheroes, they have helped her come to terms with her own anxiety and depression.    As Courtney Enlow writes in SyFy Wire, “Nothing in the world can... Read Article
  • DID KANYE WEST SUFFER FROM OPIOID ADDICTION OR IS HIS MENTAL HEALTH IN CRISIS?  Opioid addiction hits people of all walks of life, as Prince’s death has proved. Now there’s speculation that Kanye West could be another celebrity who has tangled with the deadly painkiller as well, or he may be having another mental meltdown.    Page Six reports that Kanye may have confessed to this to a DJ on Hot 97, claiming that when he reportedly suffered from a nervous breakdown that he had a problem with opioids as well. In a rambling interview, West said,... Read Article
  • Multitasking and Anxiety   In the modern world multitasking is a must. Firstly, the majority of people have their multitasking gadget, the smartphone, always by their side, in a purse or the pocket. These tiny devices give us so many possibilities: You can check your email, make a photo, share your post on social media, rate a café where you just had a cup of coffee on yelp, chat with your friends, check scores of football and basketball games, book a hotel or a... Read Article
  • FREELANCING AND STRESS  Whether you have a regular forty-hour a week gig or are freelancing, work stress can be especially hard to deal with. As Forbes explains, “work pressure is one of the leading causes of stress,” and in the United States, 77% of people working have stated they have physical problems from stress. This can end up costing businesses $300 billion a year from employees calling out sick and healthcare costs.    So if you’re getting too stressed out from your job and need... Read Article