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  • ADDICTION, RECOVERY, AND RELATIONSHIPS A lot of times when people suffering from addiction go through rehabilitation and recovery, they have to make a lot of changes in their lives if they want to remain sober. One of the biggest is keeping people out of your life that is a bad influence that can potentially harm your sobriety. When you get sober, the dynamics of your relationships change greatly, and now Insider has listed some ways you should approach being in a relationship with someone... Read Article
  • A NEW BOOK TAKES A TOUGH LOOK AT THE OPIOID ADDICTION CRISIS The opioid crisis is currently considered one of the worst public health threats in decades. Now a new book called Dopesick takes a hard look at opioids in America, and how far its tentacles have spread throughout society. A Hard Look at Addiction From Many Sides of the Problem The New York Times calls Dopesick, written by Beth Macy, “a harrowing, deeply compassionate dispatch from the heart of a national emergency.” The review also called it “a masterwork of narrative... Read Article
  • BEAUTIFUL BOY SHOULD OPEN UP A NEEDED CONVERSATION ABOUT ADDICTION IN FAMILIES The film Beautiful Boy is about to open in theaters, and it’s the adaptation of the best-selling memoir by David Sheff about a father living with a son suffering from addiction. Nic Sheff, David’s son, is currently eight sober, and thankfully he’s alive and well to see Beautiful Boy reach movie theaters. (Nic also wrote several books about his struggle with addiction, and all the Sheff books are compulsive reading.) A Movie About How Addiction Hits a Family Although Beautiful... Read Article
  • THE LATEST IN TELEMEDICINE AND HOW IT CAN FIGHT DRUG ADDICTION Telemedicine is a way that people all over the world can get access to healthcare through the internet, and many feel it will be the way of the future not just for physical health, but for mental health and drug addiction as well as well. In the next decade, telemedicine could be a brave new way to fight drug and alcohol addiction, and the Health and Human Services Department has been speaking out. “An Important Tool” As MHealth Intelligence reports,... Read Article
  • How Creativity Can Help You Grieve How Creativity Can Help You Grieve Grieving is a very individual and private matter. There is no one pattern of grieving and no rule which will necessarily help you to have it come to an end. Although, one method which many people have found has supported them through their grieving process is channeling their feelings of loss into a creative project. Many psychologists are now offering creativity as a tunnel to find your way out of grieving. Joseph Nowinski, Ph.D.... Read Article
  • How to know when have an anxiety problem The future can be unpredictable, so it’s normal to worry about wellbeing, work, money, family life, health or other crucial issues. But when worrying escalates, anxiety can develop. Anxiety is a general term for several disorders that cause nervousness, fear, and worrying. These disorders affect how people feel and behave and can cause physical symptoms. Telling whether anxiety has turned into a disorder is not so easy. These are some of the symptoms of anxiety disorder. Excessive worry. Worrying too... Read Article
  • Closure. What Is It and Why Do We Want It So Badly? -- At the end of the day, it’s up to you: hold on and stay stuck or let go and move forward. I’ve said to myself over and over, “If only I could have closure, then I could move on.” But what exactly does closure mean to me and why do I think I need it in order to move on? Why am I putting my life in someone else’s hands? Am I waiting for someone else to give me permission... Read Article
  • The effects of PTSD on war veterans – the struggle to reintegrate PTSD occurs when someone experiences a severe trauma or a life-threatening event, whether during a time of war or in a noncombat situation, such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, serious accidents or violent personal assaults such as rape. According to, during the event, you may have felt as if your life or the lives of others around you were in danger or that you had no control over what is happening. As a soldier, you might have witnessed people... Read Article
  • When My Weight Became My Protective Shield -- Our bodyweight doesn’t define us, yet it can cue us in a lot on our internal environment. I sit here after just eating an entire loaf of Jimmy John sandwich bread. I feel sick, guilty and embarrassed. I want to feel good, proud and beautiful. I want to feel sexy in my own skin. I know everything I need to do to lose the weight, to get in shape. I have tried almost every weight loss product and plan... Read Article
  • How I Learned to Own My Relationship Needs Let heartache crack your heart open. Learn from the past. Don’t let mistakes define you. I CHEATED. Yep, you read it right. I cheated. I am NOT a cheater. Cheating doesn’t define who I was or who I am. For many years, I placed the blame on my husband for my heartache, my loneliness and my insecurities. If HE would only show me he loved me more, if HE would only spend more time with me, if HE would only buy... Read Article