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  • CHANGING THE DIALOG AROUND MENTAL HEALTH Along with changing the stigma surrounding mental health, how we phrase specific terms that relate to depression and anxiety is important as well. These days, people are not considered drug addicts in the press, you say they suffer from addiction, and as Inc reports, it can be beneficial if people rephrase and rethink how they talk about mental health. *As Amy Morin, the author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, writes, “The phrase ‘mental illness’ tends to be... Read Article
  • Why You Need to Lose Your Head The English writer G.K. Chesterton once said of his rational detective, Father Brown, "In that instant, he lost his head. His head was most valuable when he had lost it. In such moments he put two and two together and made four million." You might be thinking that this is just a quote from literature which is trying to portray a particular situation romantically, but it is something that holds scientific truth to it. In fact, recent studies are showing... Read Article
  • HOW STEVEN SPIELBERG USES ANXIETY TO HIS ADVANTAGE Steven Spielberg is the most successful director in Hollywood. With so many big hit movies, and a net worth reportedly in the billions, you would think he’d relax and take it easy, but he still admits he has anxiety while making movies. *When his upcoming movie, Ready Player One, premiered at the South By Southwest film festival, the director confessed, “This is the greatest anxiety attack I’ve ever had.” But with many artists, they use anxiety to push them further... Read Article
  • Depression in romantic relationships We all want to love and be loved. It's just how we are wired. No matter how successful your career might be you still need someone to share your happiness with when you get that promotion or finish that project that you’ve been working on so hard. Same goes for your leisure time. Even if you travel some of the most exotic, exciting countries of the world and have an unforgettable journey, it’s not going to be perfect without your... Read Article
  • A TOP MUSIC MANAGER CALLS OUT FOR MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS IN THE INDUSTRY Sex, drugs and rock and roll is one of the oldest clichés in the music business, but after many years we’ve seen the terrible toll they can take on musicians. Many in the music business have been yelling “enough” and want it to stop, including manager Nick Jarjour, who says, “Our negligence should have changed 25 years ago after Kurt Cobain’s tragic suicide.” *Jarjour manages Alex Da Kid and Cirkut, and he wrote an editorial in Variety about how the... Read Article
  • Smiling depression? "Smiling depression" isn't recognized as a condition but it is instead a term that is used to describe people who are experiencing depression inside but appear perfectly happy and content on the outside. Typically, depression is associated with feelings of sadness, loneliness, hopelessness, and despair. Not everyone is experiencing depression in the same way. It varies from person to person. Some might not even realize or acknowledge their symptoms of depression, especially if they are managing their day-to-day life well. People... Read Article
  • I could list off a metric tonne of behaviors and mindset shifts one could adopt to drastically improve their relationship with anxiety. Paradoxically, that might terrify you and induce even more anxiety. Welcome to the world of self-help, where everything appears complicated and the mind of a newbie is overwhelmingly over-stimulated, resulting in a prophecy of destruction causing anxiety levels to spiral out of control. Much of anxiety is individualistic and subjective to many variables. A quick intervention with someone... Read Article
  • MORE DEPRESSION MYTHS THAT NEED TO BE DEBUNKED When seeking help for depression, getting the wrong advice can be very harmful. There have also been myths about depression that have kept people from getting help until they realize what they were told was wrong. Bustle just listed several “old wives tales” about depression that should definitely be debunked as soon as possible, and the first on the list is you can talk yourself out of depression. *Bustle cited a quote in Psych Central that summed it up: “I... Read Article
  • A NEW LOOK AT JOURNALING YOUR WAY TO MENTAL HEALTH Keeping a journal is a useful tool for keeping yourself mentally healthy. It's an excellent way to keep a record of your progress as you heal, and it's a healthy way of getting your feelings out of your system. As Bustle reports, “Journaling was long thought of a practice reserved for writers and middle schoolers who have a top-secret diary), but that’s no longer the case: People of all ages have found journaling for mental health to be an efficient,... Read Article
  • CUTTING MORE THINGS OUT OF YOUR LIFE TO REDUCE STRESS A lot of times in life you can do things that make you very stressed out without even realizing it. Bustle just published a checklist of things we all do that make us stressed out, and how we can eliminate them from our lives. *A big one that's hard for a lot of people to let go of? "Scrolling through your phone all day." That's definitely gonna be a hard one for a lot of people to ditch, but as... Read Article